Why design a cot-bed sheet & pillowcase in one?

As a mum, I didn't feel comfortable using a loose pillow in my daughter's cot-bed.

We were in no rush to introduce a pillow into our daughter's night time routine, but when she started showing signs of wanting to use one (resting on cuddly toys and trying to use our pillows) we wanted to make sure we chose the safest option. However, I felt incredibly uneasy about a loose pillow in her cot-bed and I soon realised that there was not a solution to this problem on the market for her age range. This transition period seemed to be a grey area so, after months of research and liaising with safety experts, the first Roly Poly Pillow® sheet was manufactured right here in the UK. What makes our Roly Poly Pillow® sheet innovative is that we have specifically designed the pillowcase slip at the back of the sheet, so your child cannot access it. No loose pillow or fabric.


The Roly Poly Pillow® sheet and pillowcase in one has been lovingly designed by me, a mum. It took months of research and planning to ensure the highest quality product was made and safety has been my number one focus. Please be aware that this product is not designed and should not be used for children under 12 months of age. Please visit the Lullaby Trust or the NHS Baby and Toddler Safety for information on safe sleeping.