What is Roly Poly Pillow ®?

It is a cot-bed sheet and pillowcase in one. The pillowcase in cleverly sewn into the back of the sheet which means there is no loose fabric on the top side, so the pillow won’t move and your child can’t access the pillow.

How does it work?

By cleverly hiding the pillowcase at the back of the sheet, we have designed a safe way for your child to use a pillow as part of their bedtime routine. The top of the sheet is streamline with no loose fabric. This means that your child can’t get little hands stuck in the side of the pillowcase fabric, which is a real concern for a normal pillowcase with open sides. Our pillowcase is hidden at the back of the sheet so you know your child’s pillow is safety inserted and will stay in one place.

Where did the idea for the Roly Poly Pillow ® sheet come from?

When my daughter was about 18 months, she started showing typical signs of wanting to use a pillow at night. She would take her novelty bee pillow to bed with her or try to lay her head on her cuddly toys. Obviously these items are not safe to sleep with or on so I started my search into cot-bed pillows. As a mum, I felt extremely uneasy about using a loose pillow in my daughter’s cot-bed as I was concerned about the pillow moving about; I didn’t want her sleep disturbed or for the pillow to cover her head in the night. As there was nothing on the market for her age range, I decided to start the journey into designing, researching, testing and producing the innovative Roly Poly Pillow ® sheet and pillowcase in one.

What age is the Roly Poly Pillow ® sheet designed for?

12 months and over. There is no upper age range as many parents and carers decide to keep their children in a cot-bed for as long as it suits their needs. The reason why 12 months is the minimum age is that the NHS and The Lullaby Trust have explicitly stated that having anything in a child’s cot-bed in the first year of their life is dangerous and can increase the risk of suffocation.

Does my child need a pillow in their cot-bed?

No. Nothing should be in your child’s cot-bed before the age of 12 months. After that age, it is something that you must carefully consider as a family. There is no need to rush using a pillow. In fact, some children won’t use a pillow until they are many years older. The Roly Poly Pillow sheet and pillowcase in one is designed to offer you a choice should your child start to show signs of wanting to use a pillow at night. We are advocates of safe sleeping and this is what our product promotes by keeping a pillow in place all night. As we always say, if in doubt, leave the pillow out. 

What are the dimensions of the Roly Poly Pillow ® sheet?

The Roly Poly Pillow ® sheet fits a normal cot-bed size of 70cm x 140 cm. Cot-bed mattresses have a maximum depth of 10cm so your sheet should fit snugly. 

Does the Roly Poly Pillow® cot-bed sheet and pillowcase in one come with a pillow?

No. The choice of pillow you use is up to you. We have provided an anti-allergy Fogarty pillow on our site to buy as that is an extremely popular choice but do your research and find what suits your child. Make sure you only buy your child’s pillow from a reputable retailer.

What size pillow should I buy if I don’t buy the Fogarty pillow on your website?

60cm x 40cm. The pillowcase is specifically designed to fit this size

Where is the Roly Poly Pillow ® sheet and pillowcase in one made?

Our Roly Poly Pillow ® sheets are made right here in the UK. We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint so kept production close to home.

What is the Roly Poly Pillow ® sheet and pillowcase in one made from?

We have two choices: 100% cotton or our organic cotton range. Both soft, breathable and easy to care for.

You have only used elastic at the edges of the sheet. Why?

We had some fantastic feedback at the Baby Products Association Creation and Innovation Awards 2018 but one comment was: Do you really need elastic all the way around the sheet? The BPA team explained that having elastic all the way around a fitted sheet increased the hazards when the sheet was not in use. We listened and we modified our sheet. Safety is our number one priority.

How long will it take to arrive?

We will endeavour to package and post all orders within 24 hours of the order time and use Royal Mail first class delivery.

Do you ship aboard?

No. We currently only ship and supply to the UK.

How should I wash the Roly Poly Pillow® sheet and pillowcase in one?

A 40 degree wash. Low tumble dry heat. Cool iron. Do not bleach.

Should I wash the Roly Poly Pillow ® sheet and pillowcase in one before first use?

Yes. We recommend washing the Roly Poly Pillow ® sheet before first use.

Are you a registered company?

Yes, we are registered as Roly Poly Pillow® Limited. Company number 11083766