Our story

A sheet and pillowcase in one

No loose pillow. No loose material. Just a good night's sleep for your family.

Our innovative, streamline sheet and pillowcase was designed because we wanted a safe and secure night's sleep for our daughter. Like many parents, we didn't feel happy introducing a loose pillow into our daughter's bedtime routine, so we designed a solution to provide a better night's sleep.

The idea for Roly Poly Pillow® was sparked when our daughter showed signs of wanting a pillow as part of her sleep routine. We quickly found that the market did not offer a bedding product that suited us: bedding packs included cumbersome duvets (and we chose to use sleeping bags for safety) so that didn’t suit us; single pillows kept moving around the bed and, like most parents, we were worried about suffocation, so that didn’t suit us either; novelty pillows looked cute but we knew they were not safe to sleep with due to mixed fabrics and size, so, again, that didn’t suit us. Refusing to accept these rather limited options, I decided to make my own product: a sheet and pillowcase in one without loose material. 

The journey from start to finish has been hugely exciting. We have liaised with so many wonderful experts and consultants to ensure Roly Poly Pillow® is safe, secure and comfortable. We chose to use UK suppliers as we are a small business and really appreciated their time, expertise and support.

I started the journey to bring this unique product to the market so other parents could have a better option and another choice. I felt uncomfortable using a loose pillow in my toddler's bed and hope that our unique Roly Poly Pillow® sheet will offer many parents, carers and grandparents a better night's sleep as they can choose the alternative.  The brand journey continues and we are currently developing new products such as single bed Roly Poly Pillow® sheets and also baby sleeping bags to continue our safer sleeping ethos.

Shortlisted for the BPA Concept and Innovation Awards 2018